04 January 2015

VERYHONEY X CKR SILVER / Sterling Silver Monogram Jewelry

Yes, Gold has been very popular last year but silver is always CLASSIC.

There's something classic about silver jewelry (that's probably why most of the wedding rings are silver(white gold), right?). 
It always goes well with any outfits or occasions. 

When I first started working with CKR Silver, I did not know much about silver jewelry.
But after working together for 6 months now, I fell in love with CKR Silver Jewelry and I am very proud of what we are creating together.

CKR Silver makes their own designs and jewelry in their studio/factory in New Jersey. 
When you design and make your own jewelry, you really can't beat the short turnaround time and manufacturing price which gives better price and experience for customers. 

All the jewelries are hand made, hand polished and made in NJ, USA. 
The quality of silver, design, cut, polish is really great without breaking the bank. 

I am very thrill to announce that all of the Sterling Silver Monogram Jewelry Collection has been updated on VeryHoney!
All letters are available (A to Z) so you can have them in your name! 
Be sure to check out all the beautiful monogram pieces and don't forget, they make a great great gift as well.
(Valentine's day, Mother's day.. Birthdays..!)

03.VeryHoney: Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet
This bracelet is beautiful by itself and also great layering piece with other silver bracelets!

Thank you for reading!

Honey Kim

10 December 2014

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02 December 2014

NYC Steak House Recommendation) Wolfgang's Steak House.

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10 November 2014