Friday, April 11, 2014

Tour America '67

T-shirt: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren l Jeans: GAP l Bracelet: VeryHoney l Espadrille Flats: Circus by Sam Edelman 

I've been really enjoying Circus by Sam Edelman's Espadrille Flats! It ain't Chanel but still gorgeous and perfect for summer! 

This was right after my Women's Studies exam today. It was such a busy week with many exams and performances. I am just thankful that this week is over now. New York was so much warmer today and I can't believe I was outside with no jacket on. I am feeling great today in my current favorite shirt and old pair of jeans. What are your plans for this weekend? 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Transition Outfit.

Denim Jacket: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren / T-Shirt: J Crew / Black Pants: Urban Outfitters / Heels: Jeffrey Campbell 

New York weather has been very depressing and bipolar for the longest time. So when it finally felt like spring I wanted to fully embrace the spring by rocking out my Avola Heeled Sandal from Jeffrey Campbell for the first time! Also I added a denim jacket for chilly afternoon weather. I am really hoping (crossing my fingers!*) for this weather to continue. Thank you for reading!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Need Supply l Last day of Spring Break

Shirt: thrifted / Smile Pin: Urban Outfitters / T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Leggings: Target 

 Shoes: Converse / Yellow & Red Bracelets: J Crew / Turquoise Bracelet: Tobi

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Big thanks to my boyfriend and his family who made my spring break! It's my third time visiting Virginia and it gets better every time! Weather was lovely and so many awesome places in Virginia (I was in Richmond area!). I absolutely loved my spring break with my boyfriend and his family. Even though the long trip was extremely tiring, I am finally back in New York! Now it's time to go back to school work and study study study (+ work on my shop (, blog, youtube, dance practice, radio DJ!)  ! Also I'm working on my youtube channel! Hopefully I get to meet you guys soon on my channel! Thank you so much for reading.